Chi siamo

R.I.A.S. is a family-run artisan company based on decades of experience of its founder in the industrial automation sector, which has helped to positively characterize the company’s versatility in the areas of activity.

The sector in which R.I.A.S. more work is the end of line (handling, packaging, prototyping), but today it is able to collaborate with all those companies that require intelligent and always updated solutions, thanks to more than 30 years of experience of its leader in contact with the most diversified productive needs and the continuous technological research, combined with the widespread diffusion of the founder’s know-how to the technicians and internal collaborators.

Our strength is therefore to diversify the sectors of intervention by constantly focusing on innovation and experimentation.

From the initial preponderance of technical maintenance and repair of machinery in the food sector, the company has specialized in the design and implementation of automatic systems, which simplify the production cycle making it economically advantageous for customers.

Today the R.I.A.S. proposes itself as a competent interlocutor, offering a complete range of efficient machines for food processing: packaging machines, canning machines, molds for trays, markers and labelers, software solutions for traceability of food products. From the union of automation, electronics, advanced mechanics, electrical controls, linear and assembly techniques, it is possible to obtain the optimal integration for the best functioning of the machines and systems made, with a strong focus on the most innovative automation techniques , until it reaches that of motion control.

The field of action has progressively expanded, thanks to the design and construction of a wide range of machines able to work with the most varied products, starting from the simplest ones such as dry pasta, biscuits, coffee, meat, fish to the more particular ones like vegetables, liquids, powders, drugs, metal fittings, particular assemblages inherent to the engineering sector, chemical products.

The state-of-the-art technological know-how, the constant drive for innovation and experimentation, the ever-increasing and differentiated external demands allow the company to intervene in sectors ranging from food to engineering, and tackle the various problems of a market increasingly oriented towards the demand for customized systems. In fact, a clear feature of the company is that of creating prototypes based on the most specific needs of customers.

The activity of R.I.A.S. it is supported by an ISO 9001 certification system, which allows us to interact with customers through an integrated network, studying and designing innovative and high quality solutions, and providing reliable services.